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The German and international society for Organo-Biotherapy aims to increase and disseminate knowledge in the field of Organo-Biotherapy including Electro Cancer Therapy.
Dr. Rudolf Pekar was a member of our society.

The German Society for Organo-Biotherapy e.V. is a charitable organisation, which was originally founded on 26.06.1953 in Frankfurt am Main as a Working Party for Cellular Therapy and registered under VR 2570 in the company register for Frankfurt on 10.09.1953. On 19.08.1958 the name of the society was changed to German Society for Cell Therapy. The current name of the society, German Society for Organo-Biotherapy e.V., was entered in the company register under VR 4024 on 08.08.1989.

Articles of Association of German Society for Organo-Biotherapy e.V. (extract):


The Company is called „German Society for Organo-Biotherapy e.V.” Its seat is in Frankfurt am Main, it is non-political and has no religious affiliations. The Company is scientific and pursues exclusively und immediately purposes to the common good in the sense of the section „tax-deductible purposes” of the Revenue Code 1977. The company is non-profit making; it does not primarily pursue its own economic purposes. It is listed in the company register. The business year is the calendar year.


Purpose of the Society:

1.) to collect practical and clinical knowledge in the field of general organo-biotherapy in order to make it available to the members and professionals in conferences and in circulars.

2.) To establish research guidelines and verify claimed concludions.

3.) to found dependent organisations with the same purposes:

a. in Germany,
b. in other countries.


Individuals and corporate bodies of private or public law can become members. Membership is not limited to a particular nationality. Membership should be applied for in the form of a written application for membership, the acceptance of which the Board will decide and notify in writing. The decision is final.

The Society has cooperation agreements with:

ÖGOB e.V. Austrian Society for Organo-Biotherapy

SGOB e.V. Swiss Society for Organo-Biotherapy


Recommendation from Dr. Pekar to the Chairman of the Institute, Prof. Weber.