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Morbus Bowen often occurs as a raw, somewhat itchy area of the skin. It represents a chronic infection of the skin with the virus that causes warts and it can degenerate. It should therefore be removed and re-checked.

ECT-therapy was carried out with platinum electrodes. 5 weeks after this treatment, the previously affected region was completely healed.

Summary of treatment: 3 platinum electrodes used. After approx. 90 minutens the complete necrotisation of the infected tissue had been achieved. In the following 5 weeks, the necrotised tissue was removed by the body and the skin completely healed. The patient has had no recurrence since then (which is over 10 years now).

  • Morbus Bowen
  • Morbus Bowen
  • Morbus Bowen

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  • Number of treatments: 1
  • Total treatment time: approx. 90 minutes
  • Gender: m
  • Treatment values: 6 Volt, 25 mA, 165 Coulomb