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ECT treatment can be carried out as either an outpatient or inpatient procedure. Treatments usually last between 1 to 3 hours per session. The duration and success of both in- and outpatient ECT treatment depends on the size, nature and location of the tumour. Up to 10 treatment sessions or more may be necessary for large tumours, at intervals of 1 to 2 times per week.

For a session with needle electrode technique, the area to be treated is given a sterile covering and possibly numbed with a pain reliever, as slight pain in the tissue may possibly be caused by inserting the needles or the electrical voltage. Pairs of electrodes are positioned in several places according to the size, structure and tissue. In cases where the flat electrode technique is required, special moistened pads that contain the electrodes are placed on the skin surface at specific locations around the target area.

Consequently, weak direct current, directed and controlled by computer, is passed through the tumour or tumours at exactly the voltage which is lethal to tumour cells but harmless to healthy cells. The current flowing through exceeds the tumour cells’ limited electrical offsetting ability and alters their tissue structure to such a degree that they die. As a result, the tumour tissue dies (necrotises) and is removed by the body (phagocytised). The effectiveness of Electro Cancer Therapy (ECT) has been proven by scientific experiments (see studies).
During therapy, the patient is a constantly visually monitored. The course of therapy is computer-controlled and monitored. Side effects are virtually eliminated and have never yet been observed. After treatment, the patient is usually able to go home independently.

ECT is a very gentle method which can be used in the treatment of many types of tumour. An overview of treatable tumours and areas of the body as well as contra-indications for ECT treatment can be found here.

The ECT procedure is officially medically approved in some countries and is already offered and valued in many countries.

The latest generation of the ECT-devices (ECT-G8) is available for use (read more).

The ECT therapists recommended by the International Society of Onco-Biotherapy are certified and their work is based on the fundamental research of Prof. Nordenström.

Das Buch zur ECT-Therapie

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